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The links at the top of the page take you to galleries of wedding photographs I have taken at weddings. I am gradually working through the many weddings I have photographed over the years with a view to showing a small number of photographs taken at each wedding. The galleries of wedding photos include some descriptive text and include what the couple wanted from their wedding photography.

Some of the gallery photos will show photographs with a classic emphasis, while others will be more focussed towards reportage or candid as it happens photographs taken at the wedding, dependent on the brief I receive. Many perhaps the majority of couples want a mix of shooting styles; the style will depend on what I want the photograph to convey.

Please let me know of any improvements that could be made to the galleries on this site that may improve your viewing experience. I have avoided slideshows so you can view the photographs at your own pace and be able to look at the previous photograph in the gallery as well as the next photo.

There are different galleries on the site some of which feature larger gallery photos. Each wedding will have a gallery of up to about 6 or 7 gallery photographs.

Every wedding I photograph will have an online gallery of the wedding photographs for family and friends to check out the photography. It's also great for any people unable to attend the wedding to be able to share in the wedding day excitement through the online gallery; the next best thing to being at the wedding.

Galleries of wedding photographs enable you get a good idea of my style, sometimes a bit quirky, of photographing a wedding. Many couples have commented that the galleries do not do the wedding photography justice; this really depends on how the monitor the gallery or galleries of photos are being viewed on is set up. All images processed by Shah Photography for online galleries, wedding albums and images on disk are processes on a fully colour managed, professional work flow to ensure the optimum results.

The galleries of wedding photographs feature many different styles of photography in each gallery. Would you prefer to see a gallery of bridal photographs, a gallery of beach photography, a gallery of reportage photos, a gallery of wedding ceremony photographs; if you think this would be better please use the contact form above; feedback about the gallery pages is welcomed

By Pervaiz Shah Posted on 24/03/2012 in Categories:

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