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I want to know my wedding photographer will not be late

Brides need to know their chosen wedding photographer will be on time if not early. You can trust me to be on time.

Being a wedding photographer I understand the importance of time. I will always be on time if not early so I can ensure I’ll provide the photography coverage my brides expect at the very minimum. Weddings last for a finite amount of time so it’s very important that a bride’s chosen photographer will pay attention to the wedding venue timings to ensure the day flows according to their plan.

Brides, please note, don’t be late. Ok a few minutes isn’t going to be a problem but 45 minutes may well cause problems. This happened with one wedding I was covering at wedding venue Tregenna Castle some years back. The bride calmly got ready and when it got to the point where I could see she was going to be very late I made sure the wedding coordinator knew so that the appropriate action could be taken by the chef and his team preparing the wedding breakfast. I covered everything the bride wanted without adding to the time delay and because I’d let the venue know what was happening the time for the start of the reception was put back so everything ran smoothly. The bride was lucky the hotel could accommodate the change in the timings; many may not have been able to.

If the maitre d’ needs the couple for a line up at 4pm I will always make sure that I stop taking photographs, may be some of the requested groups, at 3:55. After all the hotel have got their reputation on the line with each wedding that they host. The maitre d’ at Tregenna was telling me about one photographer covering a wedding who took the couple off to the beach at the time he was expecting the line up to start; they were really late back and it caused awful problems. This to me is unacceptable; photographers must be aware of timings and stick to them. I think it’s really unprofessional for photographers to do what they want without consideration of the other services that need to be provided during all weddings