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Family Wedding Photography

Family wedding photography is always a popular aspect of photographing weddings after all where would any of us be without our families.

The family groups tend to be relaxed and informal in order to capture the true personalities of the family members in each photograph.

The number of family photographs taken is entirely up to the bride and groom; some couples have not wanted any of the more formal groups but when they realised how I work they were happy to have some done; many people think they take ages to do. This is not the case, however having said that it’s up to each couple after all it’s their wedding.

I am often asked by people at weddings to photograph couples and family groups; everyone makes such an effort to look good it’s great to get shots of the family and friends in their finery.

Communication is essential when it comes to great family wedding photography in order to get expressive shots not fixed smiles that are often associated with family wedding photography.

Both sides of the family are welcome to have any particular family photographs taken at each wedding I photograph; it’s fascinating to see how even people not keen on being photographed warm to the ideas once they see how I work at a wedding.

family wedding photography