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We’ll be showcasing our work at the St Ives Harbour Hotel wedding fair tomorrow 23rd March. It starts at 11am and finishes at 4pm so come along and have a chat about your wedding photography; we’ll have our amazing albums with us for you to see. Other photographers will also be there for you to compare our work. There will also be other businesses who provide wedding services like floristry, chair covers and sashes and wedding cakes for you to meet and see what they have to offer you.

Many brides have asked how far in advance of the wedding day should they book their wedding photographer.

Brides are bombarded with advice about wedding photographers including when they should book their wedding photographer. I have just taken a booking to photograph a wedding in Cornwall in October of 2015 which is nineteen months before the wedding.

Once brides have chosen and booked the wedding venue, other services can be booked in order for brides to get what they want. There are masses of wedding photographers who will photograph weddings in Cornwall
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Everyone loves a bargain and some people are on a tight budget for their wedding celebrations so it’s no wonder brides are trying to save money wherever they can; do beware of what some companies selling wedding dresses and wedding gowns online are up to. Your bargain wedding dress may not be the bargain it appears to be. When is a bargain not a bargain? When it’s a substandard replica that ends up not saving you money, but actually costing you more money in the long run.

Counterfeiting has always affected the fashion industry and it’s now an increasing problem for brides ordering what they think is a designer gown at a fraction of the price. All too often these gowns turn up having been made in China, of poor quality and not even looking like the photograph of the dress the bride thought she was ordering.

The main problem is companies are using images from websites of top designer wedding gowns on their websites. They download the images and sell their wedding dresses on the back of the photos they’ve downloaded. The bride believes this is the gown she will get but these companies don’t have the skill to reproduce them. These fake dresses are just not the same, there’s no machine that can bead any piece of fabric; they all have to be done by hand and not simply glued on. Also the fabric used will be of inferior quality and the shape of the dress will often be very different.

This problem is not restricted to wedding gowns. Brides have complained that bridesmaids dresses ordered online are not the colour advertised and have then had to go to their local wedding shop to make sure they get what they want. After all if you have a colour theme for your wedding and the bridesmaids’ dresses are the wrong colour it would be disappointing for any bride, to say the least.

Brides have also commented about machine oil marks on the dress that can’t be removed, material hanging out that hasn’t been sewn in, detailing hanging off, poor quality zips and awful shape of the wedding dress received.

It’s not just independent websites that are the problem either; eBay have been threatened with legal action by one of the wedding gown companies for listing fake wedding gowns that claim to be from their company. They are taking on Google which also accepts advertising from Chinese sites offering wedding dress copies.

Counterfeiting is a huge problem for wedding dress and wedding gown retailers; brides will go into their shop, staff often spend two to three hours with them believing they are going to buy a dress. The bride gets to know what suits her and goes online to make a purchase and when the dress of her dreams arrives at that bargain price it’s sub standard so the bride is both upset and angry and may not have the funds to purchase a dress she’s happy with.

Being a wedding photographer based in Cornwall and operating a successful business I ask all brides to support our local bridal retailers; the bargain wedding dress you may find online may not be the bargain you think it is. Always remember if something looks to good to be true the chances are it is.

Professional wedding photographers are often seen to be expensive in many peoples’ eyes with some couples not having a wedding photographer in order to minimise their wedding budget. I have spoken to many people, mainly guests at weddings I’ve photographed, who have said they wish they’d got a professional photographer for their wedding.

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Many brides and grooms like to have a theme for their wedding here are some wedding theme suggestions

A few tips for theming your happy ever after marriage celebration. Think about your passions and interests and encompass those into your wedding day. You may possibly have a specific wedding theme in mind or perhaps you could add some subtle touches together such as selecting your favourite flowers for the bouquet or personalising the reception menu perhaps taking inspiration from your first dinner date?
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We receive a large number of enquiries on a daily basis from people planning a wedding. Our enquiry form reminds brides, or grooms to be, to give some details about their wedding which is always useful and as they are making an enquiry about wedding photography people often say what their likes and dislikes are which is really helpful.

The most regular comment is about wedding photographers style of photography and the preference for natural photographs that are taken without people knowing. It’s normally followed by “I don’t like having my photograph taken.” People often remark on the number of examples of this style of photography in the galleries of our portfolio section of the website; people are almost afraid of being posed in any way which as a wedding photographer presents me with great challenges that I always rise to in the words of past couples whose weddings I’ve photographed.
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Feedback about our new wedding albums
First showing of new wedding albums impress the bride and groom to be I had the pleasure of meeting Marie and Adam who are getting married at the St Ives harbour Hotel later this year. It was the first time we’d met as they are from the Birmingham area; what a day it was, glorious sunshine, I hope it will be as good
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We are moving from supplying wedding photography image files on DVD because there are so many devices that do not have optical disk drives; as a result your wedding image files will be supplied to you on a USB drive. This is more costly for us as wedding photographers but feel it is the best way forward.
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New Wedding Albums & Wedding Photography Products
Some of our new wedding albums have now arrived and have to be seen and touched to be fully appreciated. Will have already showcased one of the new albums which led
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It was great to be invited to showcase my work at the Scorrier House Wedding Fayre which was hosted by Caroline and Richard Williams yesterday, many thanks to them for a well attended show.
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