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Several brides said they didn’t like the photographs taken at a friend’s wedding; they want better photographs than their friend has got.

Several of the brides I’ve photographed over the years have looked at a friend’s wedding photographs, haven’t liked them and when looking through the portfolio of my work they have said why. I’m always interested to hear about peoples likes and dislikes when it comes to wedding photography and photographers. Sadly many people comment about the attitude of the wedding photographer photographing a wedding they’ve been a guest at; comments like couldn’t be bothered, took too long taking the photographs, too bossy, took ages for the photographs to be ready after the wedding, didn’t provide much variety, boring groups to mention a few.
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One of the very first question I’m often asked is how much do you charge for your wedding photography packages.

My advice to all people getting married is don’t choose your photographer based on price if your photography is important to you. Here at Shah Photography as a leading wedding services supplier in Cornwall we have photography services and packages which can be tailored to suit most budgets.
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Brides need to know their chosen wedding photographer will be on time if not early. You can trust me to be on time.

Being a wedding photographer I understand the importance of time. I will always be on time if not early so I can ensure I’ll provide the photography coverage my brides expect at the very minimum. Weddings last for a finite amount of time so it’s very important that a bride’s chosen photographer will pay attention to the wedding venue timings to ensure the day flows according to their plan.
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Every bride wants their wedding photographer to make them look good. Shah Photography, leading Cornwall wedding photographers, make people of all ages look great in their photographs.

Making people look great in wedding photographs and producing a fabulous collection of images has little to do with the technical aspect of wedding photography. Experience is earned it can’t be taught at college; I find people and what makes them tick fascinating. Meeting people from all walks of life, not only when photographing weddings, is hugely beneficial to my customers and my confidence, I stress not arrogance, people tell me makes them confident that I will be the right person to photograph their wedding.
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For those of you having a church wedding your photographer can make the time after the service a fun time for all.

After a church wedding service wedding photographers will often start taking group photographs straight away without giving the newly weds a chance to speak with their guests. Endless group photographs are really a thing of the past for most people getting married as they see this as a major interruption to the proceedings. People want to have fun including the guests, but if a couple want lots of family shots taken what should a photographer do?
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Brides’ choice of florist for their wedding flowers, which make a huge difference to their wedding photographs, is an important one. I photograph many weddings at St Ives in Cornwall for which Wheal Sara Flowers based in St Ives has been the chosen florist for the wedding flowers and feedback from my brides has always been very positive.

Lizi’s business is well established and the continued growth and popularity is due to her talent and enthusiasm for her craft. If you are looking for a florist for your wedding in the St Ives area or further afield in Cornwall get in touch with Wheal Sara Flowers in St Ives.

I regularly see Lizi at wedding fairs and Wheal Sara Flowers are a friend of Shah Photography; I know that many brides, whose weddings I shall be photographing this year, have chosen Wheal Sara for their wedding flowers.

Wedding flowers St Ives Cornwall bridal flowers bouquet for the bride and bridesmaids; wedding flowers that look beautiful in your wedding photographs. Floristry to decorate your wedding venue.

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Wedding photography when the weather is bad can throw wedding photographers into a state of panic – not me; I have to say I love a challange.

Everyone wants great weather for their wedding day especially for their photographs but it’s really important to discuss a bad weather plan with your chosen wedding photographer who should be experienced with this aspect of wedding photography and not go to pieces.
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I truly love wedding photography and as a professional wedding photographer with my own wedding album which I treasure I understand the importance of getting the right photographer.

Do meet and get to know your photographer before your actual wedding day. I always advise that couples should shortlist three to five photographers and meet them to see how they get along. Wedding photographers will be in close proximity with the couple and the wedding guests for the majority of the day.
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Sassi Holford designs wedding dresses and bridal gowns from her design studio in Somerset sold at her beautiful shop at Fulham in London.

Wedding dress designer, Sassi Holford designs gorgeous wedding dresses and bridal gowns. I photographed a bride who chose one of Sassi’s stylish gowns and looked amazing the fit was absolute perfection. Sassi has been making brides’ dreams come true for over 30 years using her intuitive, award-winning skills to create classic wedding gowns with a contemporary edge. Every gown is hand made by her team of patter cutters, seamstresses and hand-beaders in her Somerset based studio.

your wedding dress will enhance your wedding photographs

Her favourites dress from the Sassi Holford collection is Mimi, shown in the photograph, a beautiful ball gown with a full skirt made from layer upon layer of soft tulle that encapsulates modern romance in her words.

Missie is a favourite of hers from the So Sassi collection a chic, beaded, lace gown with high neckline, keyhole back and soft crepe skirt. It was designed by Sassi’s 12 year old daughter, named Missie, who is obviously following in her mother’s footsteps. This gown has been a huge success.

Being a wedding photographer for many years I seen many different wedding dresses. For each bride her choice of bridal gown will have often been made after trying on many dresses at several wedding retailers. Many times brides choose a dress that they didn’t think would suit them; most brides have a picture in their mind of how they want to look on their wedding day from a very young age; they often surprise themselves.

The wedding dress is such an important element of every brides look and offers wedding photographers a chance to take some fashion style wedding photographs. This is an aspect of wedding photography I enjoy; to me there’s nothing wrong with putting a bride in a pose that shows off her beautiful gown and there are examples of this in the galleries of the portfolio page on the Shah Photography website.