A series of pictures showing a close up of the eye makeup whilst the mascara is applied to the bride's eyelashes, the lips being outlined and a profile of the finished look
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Bridal Prep Cornwall- Makeup

The bride getting ready for her wedding at St Ives Harbour Hotel.

The chosen coverage for the overwhelming majority of weddings I have photographed includes the bride's preparation or if you like the bride getting ready photography.

Bridal Prep - Ideas before the Wedding Day

Before every wedding I always meet with the bride and groom so I'm not a stranger on the wedding day and to discuss ideas regarding the getting ready photography. Whilst the bride gets ready with her bridesmaids is a great chance for me to get a feel for everyone's personality and listen to amusing anecdotes about the hen night and other events they have shared together.

Ideal Time for Natural Wedding Photography

During this time is the perfect chance for me to capture very natural photographs and from the bride and bridesmaids' point of view they get used to me being around and tend to forget I'm there which is perfect.

Less is More

As you can see above just 3 photographs have conveyed the story of the wedding makeup stage of the day in a very simple but stylish way; maybe if you're a bride to be, you can see yourself in the photographs above and would like a similar approach to photographing your makeup being applied.

DIY or Professional Make Up?

I guess one of the first considerations is how being nervous affects you. If your hands shake if you are best to bring in a professional.

Part of the pampering process before the wedding day is the brides skin preparation.

The article talks about booking a professional makeup artist (MUA) or doing your own makeup. The majority of brides like to have their makeup done for them as well as their hair, but it's your wedding... your choice.

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