The bride and groom holding each other. A wide angle view with a foreground of a lake, their reflections in the water and a backdrop of evergreen bushes
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Settings for Your Wedding Photography

In complete contrast to the previous photo the location for this wedding had lovely grounds and a lake which could not be ignored. I like the reflection of the couple in the water. The bushes surrounding the couple work with the water to give both depth and a relaxed, tranquil feel to the picture.

It was a great time of the day, after the wedding breakfast, with the lighting soft and flattering. The grounds provided a varied choice of backgrounds for their wedding photos, some of which feature in this collection.

Choice of Wedding Venues

Cornwall has an abundance of wedding venues to choose from each has its own vibe as far as settings for your wedding photography is concerned

Location for Your Wedding in Cornwall

In addition to the tranquil grounds for the photo above how about a cliff top or a venue near the sea location to enjoy amazing views, fabulous beaches, aqua coloured sea. A manor house, countryside hotel, an underground cavern. Cornwall has a phenomenal variety of wedding venues so no matter where you'd like to say your vows you'll find your perfect backdrop for your wedding you and your wedding guests will always remember.

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