The bride and groom kissing with a background of blue sky and foreground of grasses blowing in the breeze
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Bride and Groom Photo Session

I took this photograph after the couple got married at Tregenna Castle after their outdoor wedding ceremony.

The low angle and the grasses in the foreground gives a depth to the photo which would have been lacking if the shot had been taken from a higher viewpoint.

Looking for the Unusual

I look for the unusual, especially when taking the photographs of the couple on their own. This is a small amount of time relative to the whole day but is great fun for the newly weds; they'll look back at their photos with fond memories of this special time.

Bride and Groom Photo Shoot

The time given to the bride and groom photography depends on where they would like to have their photography session. The majority of couples want a beach photography session in which case about an hour is ideal.

Away from the Guests

Some couples want to minimize time spent away from their guests, their choice of course, but without exception when couples see the photos from their bridal shoot session they are always glad they did it.

Special Time, Special Memories

I remember one couple in particular who weren't bothered about going down to a beach nearby but changed their mind on the day. I always remember the brides face as she looked at the photos in their book and commented "I'm so glad we did the beach shoot the photos are my favourites". She said it was such a special time for them both, "the memories of that time are very special".

Time Together

The "bride and groom" time gives the couple a chance to talk to each other about the build up to the ceremony as well as the ceremony itself.

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