black & white wedding photography
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Natural Wedding Photography

Oh my goodness I just love the lighting in this photo, the brides very natural expression and the contrast created by the darkness of the foliage background and the lightness of the wedding dress, the veil, the bride's skin tone, her hair and bouquet.

The Wedding Venue Grounds

This picture was taken in the wedding venue grounds just after the couple enjoyed their wedding breakfast. I like to make as much use of the wedding venue grounds as time permits for a variety of backdrops.

Bride and Groom Time Together

The Bride and Groom time together on their own is special not just for the wedding photographer but also for the couple. It's a chance to catch up on the days events how they were feeling when they got ready, during the wedding ceremony and to really connect with each other - special time.

A Little Direction can make a Huge Difference

I can remember thinking that I needed to position the bride to make full use of the sunlight coming from the right of the shot.

Missed Opportunity

I often read about wedding photographers who boast they will not interfere or direct in any way, I think that's lazy, sure you could wait until the bride was in the right position for this dramatic lighting but what if that didn't happen - missed opportunity.

One of the Bride's Favourite Photos

The bride was so glad I took this photo; it featured in the wedding book. Just goes to show that some loose direction can certainly make a huge difference.

Black & White Photography

Many photographs look fantastic in black & white which gives a totally different feel to the image. A selection of black & white photographs is always included in my wedding photography coverage - the colour versions will normally be included too.

Variety is the Spice of Life

An old saying but so true; couples love the variety of photography styles that tell the story of their wedding day. I like to make use of great flattering lighting, surroundings and of course expressions; I look for the unusual - could be how the shot is framed or perhaps shooting with a foreground or background totally out of focus to throw the emphasis onto the bride and groom or guests.

Your Wedding Photography

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