Emotional groom hugs his mother in law while the bride hugs her father after the wedding ceremony. Love and happiness in abundance.
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Documentary Wedding Photography

Wedding day emotions run high especially for the couple and their family; capturing those emotions is an aspect of being a wedding photographer I enjoy and more importantly is hugely popular with brides and grooms.

Tears of Joy

The photograph above shows a very emotional groom in the foreground just about to be hugged by his now mother in law. The bride's father has tears of joy as he hugs his daughter after the wedding ceremony.

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography that captures moments like the photo above documents different aspects of every wedding; sure some people are not so demonstrative and don't show their emotions to the degree that the photo above captures; all part of my fascination of photographing weddings.

Prepare for The Unexpected

I never know what's going to happen during a wedding in terms of how people will inter react. Anticipation is very necessary for a documentary style wedding photographer.

Right Place - Right Time

Part of the anticipation process is being at the right place at the right time. I am never too far away from the bride and groom for the majority of their wedding day.

A Split Second to Capture - A lifetime of Memories

Couples love being transported back to the moments their photographs capture to rekindle the joy and love they were feeing during the split second each photo was taken.

Lifetime Memories

Your wedding photographs, should you decide to book, will provide a lifetime of memories of such a hugely important lifetime event. Time passes by so quickly yet it stands still with great photographs that will provide a lifetime of memories.

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Wedding Books

wedding book/ wedding album cover featuring a bride and groom looking at each other holding hands with a backdrop of Portminster beach at St Ives in Cornwall opened wedding book showing a page spread featuring photos of the bride and groom layed out in a stylish way

There really is no better way to bring your wedding photographs to life than having them presented in a book/album. Sure, it's great to have some on your phone and great to have all of your images of the day but your book will be a true heirloom. View my range of books here Wedding Books

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