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Bad Weather Photography Plan

Wedding photography when the weather is bad can throw wedding photographers into a state of panic – not me; I have to say I love a challange.

Everyone wants great weather for their wedding day especially for their photographs but it’s really important to discuss a bad weather plan with your chosen wedding photographer who should be experienced with this aspect of wedding photography and not go to pieces.

Choosing an experienced wedding photographer will help avoid potential problems. Some photographers state on their websites that they do not carry any lighting equipment with them when they photograph weddings, they don’t arrange anything and just take photographs during the wedding as it happens; try doing that in some of the wedding venues where space is restricted and there are too many guests for the space available.

Cornwall has fabulous backdrops for wedding photography but it can also be a very wild and wet place to get married when umbrellas will turn inside out and it’s not fussy about when it chooses to show its dramatic side. Bad weather can happen in the height of the summer and the weather can be fabulous in the winter months. I remember photographing Christmas weddings at Tregenna Castle; I’ll highlight two of them. You couldn’t have had more different weather; one of the weddings had dreadful weather, it poured with rain all day and the other was totally the opposite with glorious sunshine.

Make sure you discuss a bad weather contingency plan with your wedding photographer. When it’s dark, overcast and raining it sorts the experienced, talented wedding photographers from the wanna bees of which there are plenty. I have often photographed weddings at locations in different parts of the country. I can get a rough idea of what the venue’s like through a website but I’ll always be at the location the night before so before the wedding I can make sure I have a bad weather plan of when and where to do my photography to ensure the couple will receive a great set of images. Trust me wherever you’re getting married always have a plan in the event of awful weather for your piece of mind.