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Get to know your wedding photographer

I truly love wedding photography and as a professional wedding photographer with my own wedding album which I treasure I understand the importance of getting the right photographer.

Do meet and get to know your photographer before your actual wedding day. I always advise that couples should shortlist three to five photographers and meet them to see how they get along. Wedding photographers will be in close proximity with the couple and the wedding guests for the majority of the day.

If you do not live in Cornwall how can you get to know your photographer when you’re often hundreds of miles away from your wedding venue? Well there’s always the telephone; a telephone call will often be a great way of finding out what makes different wedding photographers tick, that is assuming that they answer their telephones which sadly is something that is quite rare. When calls are made to Shah Photography it is very rare that calls will not be answered and there really is no excuse for not taking a call unless of course the photographer is photographing a wedding.

Skype is also popular and this is something I’ll be setting up in due course so we can meet even if not in the same country, pretty amazing. Email is an effective way to communicate to begin with; some people prefer Facetime but I’m not an Apple product user so that’s not so good as like me not everyone has iphones, ipods or ipads. Facebook or chat services provided by phone companies or twitter are much like email and if this works for you fine. I always like to talk to people I’m going to do business with; I want to know about their business how they work and get a feel for what they are about as a person; I guess it’s the same thing with brides looking for a photographer with Cornwall being such a popular destination wedding location.

After you have celebrated your fabulous wedding; said I do, the food has been eaten, the drink has been enjoyed and you have danced the night away you’ll be left with each other (that’s a good start), your wedding rings and your wedding photography for your future life together. If photography is an important service for your wedding then hire a professional wedding photographer and get to know them; it’s worth the time.

I have met many people at weddings who have commented about their own wedding photography; many of which regret they didn’t either spend a little more money rather than making their choice based mainly on price and many who have commented about the attitude of their photographer in a very negative way which is sad. It’s worth making sure you’ve got the right person to take your pictures don’t you think?