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Bridal Bridal Photography by Pervaiz Shah

Bridal photography is an area of wedding photography that principal photographer at Shah Photography, Pervaiz Shah, has been involved with for over 30 years during which time he has become a leading bridal photographer having photographed brides in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Oxfordshire, Sussex, Hampshire, Lancashire. This bridal photographer also photographs brides in London, Berkshire and Surrey; a style of photographing brides that ensures each bride looks fantastic in their bridal portraits. If we talk about being fantastic, Daisyslots is so fantastic to play, you will feel very lucky you’ll never stop playing!

Demand for Pervaiz’s bridal photography takes him to other parts of the country. For any venues that Pervaiz has not photographed weddings at he will check out the venue online and then ensure he gives himself plenty of time before the wedding to choose the best locations. This is done either on the day before the wedding or if an afternoon wedding, which most are, he will have a look around the venue during the morning of the wedding day.

Bridal photography can include photography in lingerie before the wedding ceremony during the final stages of the bridal preparations; not every bride’s choice, but an option for brides who may have never thought of having this style of bridal photography on their wedding day; referred to as bridal boudoir photography.

Some bridal boudoir style photographs will be posted at some stage as soon as a bride has a session and is happy for prospective brides to see the shots.

Bridal photography is as you may have guessed is specific to the bride and concentrates on the wedding dress, makeup, hair, jewelery, lingerie (this can be photographed before the bride gets into it). Full length and close up photographs are taken to ensure that all aspects of each bride’s look is captured.

Each county has a selection of fantastic places to get married so it’s not surprising many couples from overseas choose to get married in England; the venues are so varied and many have beautiful grounds and scenery which make amazing backdrops for bridal photography.

Weddings are far more of a multi media experience than they used to be as technology now allows people to take photographs and shoot video on their phones and there is much free or cheap software that can be used to edit images and footage. People are now far more aware of great imagery; years ago there was always a mystique in producing the final prints for brides whereas now people often assume that everything is done at the touch of a button because a computer is involved; this post which explains a bit about how wedding images are processed there’s more to it than many people think.

Many brides are looking for innovative bridal photography; the majority of wedding photographers tend to produce similar results; almost if it moves shoot it. For some people this is sufficient for their needs. Many couples want innovative wedding photographs that have that unquantifiable edge they don’t want ordinary. This is the fascination of working in the field of professional wedding photography; “there are many challenges when shooting a wedding; this I find exciting” says Pervaiz

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