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Photographs for Facebook

Many wedding photographers do not allow photographs they have taken at a wedding to be used on Facebook; Shah Photography does so your family and friends can share the enjoyment of your wedding photographs if you wish. We provide an on line gallery for each of our couples and Facebook ready
photos are also available.

Facebook ready photos are resized and processed to provide the best quality for your Facebook friends. We do like to watermark the images so people know who took the photos; on request watermarking is a stage we can leave out.

With so many people world wide using Facebook and the numbers seem to be growing, we feel it is a great opportunity for photographs to be enjoyed by people who may not be able to attend a wedding and effectively share in the wedding celebrations through the photographs.

Due to the file size of the photographs we supply on disk they are not suitable for Facebook accounts and if uploaded to Facebook can result in messy images which do not reflect the quality they should; this is why we process them for those of our couples wanting to put photographs
taken by Shah Photography on their Facebook account.

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