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How many wedding photographs will I get?

A question often asked is how many photographs will I get if I book you to photograph my wedding.

The number of photographs taken is unrestricted, but the weather and the number of guests attending a wedding may well affect the number of photographs taken. If the weather’s good and everyone’s outside for the drinks and canapes more photographs will be taken than if all of the photos have to be taken inside the venue especially if the space is restricted.

Don’t forget the coverage of your wedding will also affect the number of pictures taken; whether or not prep shots are required and if the coverage is going to extend through to after the first dance. For all day coverage I tend to work on an average of 500 photographs. This is an average so may be less or more than this.

Sometimes couples do not want full coverage in which case I’d be looking at about 250 shots. I don’t think about numbers as I concentrate on the content; I’d rather give my customers a fab set of pictures that may be fewer in number than I would supply a load of mediocre images.

I realise many photographers say they will take about 2000 images and supply the couple with 300; that works for them but personally it sends out a message to potential customers of blast away and hope for the best. Customers of mine who booked their 2 day wedding were not impressed with a photographer who had said 2000+ images would be taken and from memory the customer would get about 400; customer asked me and I remember saying you’ll get 99% of what I take. They liked that answer and booked. They were very pleased with their collection of images and their album.

So to summarise I guess it all comes down to making sure you see a complete collection of images of several weddings before you make your decision of which photographer you should book to photograph your wedding day.

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