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Wedding Photographer to Make Me Look Good

Every bride wants their wedding photographer to make them look good. Shah Photography, leading Cornwall wedding photographers, make people of all ages look great in their photographs.

Making people look great in wedding photographs and producing a fabulous collection of images has little to do with the technical aspect of wedding photography. Experience is earned it can’t be taught at college; I find people and what makes them tick fascinating. Meeting people from all walks of life, not only when photographing weddings, is hugely beneficial to my customers and my confidence, I stress not arrogance, people tell me makes them confident that I will be the right person to photograph their wedding.

Great wedding photography is all about people skills and judging when to hold back, not say anything and let people be totally natural and knowing when to connect with people, make them feel at ease in front of the camera so they look their best.

A successful wedding photographer must have many skills; there will always be photographers who are favoured by people who are used to being in front of the camera. I have seen photographs taken of the same professional model by different photographers; I could pick the ones that had been taken by one particular photographer as there was a connection between the photographer and the model that made her look different there was a radiance almost a glow of energy that didn’t happen with photographs taken by other photographers. Remember this was someone who is used to being in front of a camera with the photographer’s attention focused on her, not someone getting married who may have never been photographed by a professional wedding photographer and has certainly not been photographed during lots of weddings.

There are many photographers I have spoken to who say that they don’t do photographs of brides looking at the camera; they don’t do this, they don’t do that but then also say they don’t do the same thing. Are they sure?

A bride or perhaps bride and groom looking into the camera looking relaxed and totally at ease are pictures that are selected for their wedding album. Often sequences of photographs will work very well together and may be the result of some loose direction from me as the couple’s photographer and may include photos of them looking straight into the lens again these will often be selected for the album.

Sure I do all the reportage shots when people don’t know their photos are being taken but I normally throw in my own ideas and dare I say it the odd pose or two; as a photographer I want my subject to look great not stiff and posed and my customers tell me I achieve that as you’ll see in the many testimonials and reviews about my photography and how I work.

Individual portraits of the bride and groom are always popular with their parents as well as each other; although the emphasis is on pleasing the couple it’s nice to think about shots the parents will also like (being one myself) too.

A leading wedding photographer who was hugely popular with photographers on the seminar circuit said to me that he has so much respect for us wedding photographers; we have to work with people who don’t like having their photograph taken but have to make them look fabulous in their wedding photos at a time when they’ll be very nervous.

It’s all about trust; people trust in my wealth of experience as a person and as a professional wedding photographer to get a great selection of varied photos but above all to make them (and their guests) look great in their photographs.

I want a wedding photographer to make me look good in my photographs; I want to look fabulous in my wedding photos. Choose an experienced photographer for your wedding, a photographer who will make you look gorgeous in my wedding photographs.