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Wedding Photography Prices & Packages

One of the very first question I’m often asked is how much do you charge for your wedding photography packages.

My advice to all people getting married is don’t choose your photographer based on price if your photography is important to you. Here at Shah Photography as a leading wedding services supplier in Cornwall we have photography services and packages which can be tailored to suit most budgets.

During my lengthy career as a wedding photographer I have met many people who wish they had invested more into their wedding photography as they were disappointed with the results produced by their chosen photographer. I understand that the fashion at the moment is to avoid group photographs but it’s always worth having a few. It’s about choice if they aren’t taken you’ll never have them.

If I’m providing all day coverage of a wedding the what is image processing will take at least 4 days to provide couples with the high quality images Shah Photography is renowned for. I always aim to produce very natural images which are vibrant and have a pop to them, whereas some photographers work I see particularly skies have had wild adjustments to them so they look wrong and odd. Very often it’s almost like the sky is lower than it naturally is. Anyway, it’s all about value; the professional processing of wedding images is very time consuming when it’s done properly; automation is not an option, every image needs individual assessment and adjustment to create the final collection of processed images.

If a photographer is charging very little for their services it means they either don’t value their work so why would you, or they don’t spend as much time as I would and the results won’t be to the same high standards of what I produce; the quality shown when you make your enquiry may not be the quality you get. If something looks too good to be true it always is and when you make your choice of wedding photographer I’d always advise choosing an experienced wedding photographer.

So much goes into planning the wedding of your dreams and once your wedding is over all you’ll have is your photography for the future. Your wedding photographs will, I promise you, become more special as time goes by. I regard my own wedding photographs as treasured memories and many of the people in the photographs are no longer with us; it’s so good to have the pictures of them looking so happy. Is it worth paying more to get a set of special photographs of your wedding? Of course it’s your choice, but the wrong choice of photographer will always cause disappointment. Happy wedding planning, as one of the most experienced wedding photographers in the UK you’ll be in safe hands so feel free to get in touch.

One last point is that after looking through the portfolio of wedding photographs on the web site brides think we’ll be too expensive and not affordable; this came to light recently when a bride who had been let down by her photographer then made an enquiry and said she thought we’d be too expensive; she was pleasantly surprised and I was chosen to be her wedding photographer.