page boys studying the order of service sitting at the entrance to the church before the wedding ceremony a black and white photograph
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Documentary Style Wedding Photography in Cornwall

There's lots going on in this black and white natural or, as many prefer to call it, documentary style of photography that features the page boys with a friend sitting at the entrance to Germoe church, before the bride's arrival.

Capturing Natural Expressions the Documentary Way

The concentration of the two page boys nearest the camera as they study the order of service booklets is in complete contrast to the other two boys who are looking rather mischievous.

Documentary Coverage - A Pictorial Story

Wedding day photography coverage features lots of documentary style imagery to capture natural expressions and moments as they happen. In this way a pictorial story of each wedding is told by the collection of photographs that I provide my brides and grooms with.

The Story of Your Wedding

Each collection of photographs I provide always includes a varied style and approach to the coverage of each wedding. The emphasis is normally on natural "as it happens shots" along with a selection of groups (normally a minimum of 6) as well as bride and groom time alone which often will take place on a beach. The grounds of the wedding venue are also used of course as they will be included in the couples decision process when choosing their wedding location.

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