Bride and groom together standing in a pool of sunlight surrounded by trees with a background of blue sky and a lake
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This is a great example of some loose direction from me. Many photographers will take photos of what happens with no "interruption" from the photographer. If that was the case with this wedding, this gorgeous shot would not have been taken.

"That's a gorgeous shot"

That was the comment from the toast master who was watching me get this photo. I really like this shot; the positioning, the stunning lighting, the backdrop, the expressions on the bride and groom's faces. All these aspects come together to create a gorgeous photo. It was set up but wasn't it worth it?

Let's face it the couple chose their wedding venue which would not have been cheap so my feeling is the venue needs to be included in their collection of wedding photographs.

Different styles of Photography

I'm a person who likes choice; sure it's great to have the expressive moments captured, I love them, but I do like to vary the style. Being a very well established, professional photographer I often see things missed by others which to my way of thinking is partly why I get so booked up. I do like to create photos like this one; the couple love it which to me is the most important thing and they and their expressions are very prominent. They aren't specs on the horizon as I see so often.

If you would like a story telling, varied collection of photographs of your wedding head over to the Contact page in the links above; Let's Talk.

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