Natural expressions of the smiling, happy couple. A close up taken while the couple were chatting with one of the children after their wedding ceremony
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Natural Unposed Wedding Photography

In complete contrast to the photo on the previous page this shot captures a special moment whilst the couple were talking to one of the children who had come up to congratulate them with a wedding favour. Having taken shots of that happening I switched cameras to get this photo.

Everyone close to us looking their best

It's pictures like this that are great to include in wedding book layouts. Our own book is very special; it's lovely to be able to look back at our wedding day and see everyone close to us looking their best.

Mingling After the Wedding Ceremony

This part of the wedding day is a great chance for me to mingle amongst the guests to get lots of natural, unposed pictures of the families and other guests for the couple to look back at and bring smiles to their faces as they are taken back to their special day.

Relive our amazing day...

One of the regular comments I've had from past couples is how the photos take the couple back to the that captured moment of their wedding. One of my brides wrote a lovely email on her fifth wedding anniversary. The couple had got their book out and were reminiscing about the day and said in her email "looking at our book enables us to relive that amazing day."

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