The groom's joy and relief after the wedding ceremony in Cornwall. Reportage wedding photography by Cornwall wedding photographer
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Emotion captured ~ Reportage Wedding Photography

It's great to capture natural wedding photographs like this one as the wedding day unfolds. One very happy groom just after he and his wife exited the wedding marquee after walking down the aisle to their guests' enthusiastic applause and cheers.

Natural expressions & Reactions

The mother of the bride extending her arms proudly out to her daughter and her expression of total joy and happiness will always mean so much to the couple.

You can see the bride's bearded father between the celebrating groom and the bride. You can see the happiness he was feeling in his expression.

After the Wedding Ceremony

The build up to the wedding day is nerve wracking for the bride and groom as well as their families. On the day, for brides and grooms in particular, the wedding ceremony is very much on their minds, thoughts like:

Relief Excitement & Joy

All of those pre ceremony thoughts weren't on anyone's mind when I took this reportage style photograph which was part of a series of shots I took in fairly quick succession as so much was happening. The relief, excitement and pure joy on the peoples' expressions are such special moments to capture.

The Drinks Reception Begins

The bride and groom mingled with their guests, drinks in hand, smiles and chatter in abundance - the perfect setting for lots of expressive photographs as the newly weds were enthusiastically received by their guests; such a great atmosphere.

What's not to Love?

I find all the nerves, laughter, joy, the sounds of everyone having a great time, the sights of all this plus the emotions; so much for me to soak up - what's not to love about weddings?

Looking forward to photographing my next Wedding

Writing this & looking at this emotive photograph makes me want to pick up the cameras and start photographing my next wedding - eager anticipation or what?

My next wedding is going to be a blast; the couple are real stars and both have a great sense of humour; I just know the bride is going to look amazing and their guests, 200+, are looking forward to the day as much as I am - Happy Wedding days ahead.

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