Bridesmaids reaction to first sight of the bride in her wedding dress
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Reportage Wedding Photography

This wedding day photo captures the bride's father and her bridesmaids' emotions and expressions as they see the bride in her wedding dress with her hair and makeup done for the first time. It's a great example of a reportage style of photography. A very proud father of the bride.

I enjoy this style of wedding photography; lots of anticipation so I'm in the right place at the right time. Anticipating what's going to happen and when is vital for this informal style of wedding photography; no intervention from me at all which, I think, would spoil moments like this.

The Big Reveal...

Everyone waited downstairs whilst the bride, helped by her mother, made the final check and adjustments before making her way downstairs for the big reveal. This is a huge moment for any bride. For a spilt second everyone was speechless then:

Just some of the comments amongst the tears, all part of the big reveal

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