Black & White photo of a smiling bride making her way to the church for the start of her wedding ceremony
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Reportage Wedding Photographer ~ Wedding at Germoe Church Cornwall

Such a lovely expression on the bride's face as she is wished "good luck" and "you look beautiful" by onlookers for her arrival to her wedding ceremony at Germoe Church here in Cornwall.

Natural Light Photography

Apart from the gorgeous bride and her expression what appeals to me about this picture is the lighting. The sun was in the perfect position to illuminate the bride's face beautifully, as she looked over towards the well wishers. It's cross lighting rather than lighting which is head on which gives such depth to an image with light and shadows as opposed to a flat lit shot which is no way near as interesting to look at. The bridesmaid smiling so naturally at the bride brings even more of a feeling of happiness to the story of this shot. My story telling approach, as a wedding photographer, has been hugely popular for many years.

Weddings and more wedding photography

I am proud to have been entrusted with the photography for over 1300 couples' wedding celebrations as I write this.

Weddings large and small

I have photographed and will continue to undertake commissions to photograph weddings, both large and small, and to bring my extensive experience to each collection of photographs I create.

So far the largest wedding was attended by about 400 guests and the smallest was an elopement in Cornwall with just the bride and groom. I was a witness as was a friend as I was asked by the couple if I could arrange for a witness as the couple did not live in Cornwall.

About Germoe Cornwall

Germoe is a village, a civil parish in Cornwall about five miles from the Cornish town of Helston and seven miles from Penzance. It's a very small village and the church is beautiful. Most of the parish dates back to the 14th century, the church is built on the site of a church which was from the earlier Norman times. Talk about steeped in history. I wonder how many weddings have taken place on the site of the churches. Just think of all the happy times spent by so many people in wedding day celebration.

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