The bride and her father make their way to the wedding marquee watched by the wedding guests
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Marquee Wedding Photographer

There's so much going on in this photograph as the bride and the bride's father approach the entrance to the wedding marquee in her parents' garden.

Natural Expressions and Emotion

The expression on the bride's face tells its own story; she's so happy and looks very relaxed too. Her father's expression is one of happiness and great pride as he prepares to walk his daughter down the aisle.

The excitement of the Bride's Entrance

The interior of the marquee decked out with bunting, the guests turning to get their first glimpse of the bride, the brides mother in the foreground watching her husband and bride make their way towards the marquee entrance for the start of the wedding ceremony. I get a feel of excitement for the bride's arrival and her entrance as I write about this photo.

Natural, Reportage Photographer

A story telling photograph; a very natural, reportage style of photography. My positioning is on point as is the low angle to create the atmosphere. Shooting wide angle meant I could include so much in the photo to convey the story.

Why I work with two cameras

Having two cameras means I can control the area of view quickly as I shoot with both in fairly quick succession to provide lots of variety to the collection of photographs for the couple and their families to look back at.

Photography to tell your story

To me photographing weddings is mainly about telling a story and to transport the couple back to how they felt on the day with each photograph in their collection. From personal experience my wedding photographs mean more as time passes.

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