A whisper in the groom's ear from the bride during their church wedding ceremony. Lelant church near St Ives, Cornwall
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Church wedding ceremony - Lelant near St Ives Cornwall

Beautiful Lelant Church nestles in a stunning setting overlooking St Ives Bay; honestly the views are fantastic; so good for great wedding photography backdrops once the happy couple have become husband and wife.

What was the bride saying?

Whatever it was it brought a broad smile to the groom's face; maybe his singing wasn't up to much. Then again the guests are having a laugh too so it was probably a comment from the vicar; at the time of this photograph a lovely lady with a great sense of humour.

Getting Married at a Church in Cornwall?

May be you'd love to but are not from the area....no problem. Have a word with the vicar to check on the current process to make your church wedding in Cornwall become a reality.

Churches in South West Cornwall

They range in size so whatever number of guests you're anticipating for you ceremony you'll find one to suit. St Ives has a beautiful church in the centre of the town as well as the Catholic church on Tregenna Hill. For small numbers the Island Chapel is popular but it is very small; the views are amazing as you can see all over St Ives from its elevated location overlooking the town.

You live in Cornwall?

Lucky you; you're blessed with an amazing choice of churches for your religious ceremony. I'm thinking of churches I've photographed weddings at; there are so many. I have to say the vicar makes the ceremony, or not. I always remember many years ago the church in St Ives had hardly any weddings taking place there; the vicar was not a giving soul and people would swerve the church - shame really. It's a lovely place to get married and the vicar I was talking about retired years ago; guess what, the number of weddings grew steadily.

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