The groom's men arriving with the groom in their morning suits before the church wedding ceremony
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The Groom, Best Man & Ushers Arrive at the Church

Chilled out guys, looking very stylish in their morning suits, arrive on time at the church; I wonder what was going through the groom's mind. Over the many years of of being a wedding photographer, I have seen so many different styles of mens' outfits. The styles in the main reflect the groom's sense of style; be it very casual, say maybe for a beach themed wedding, or more formal for this style of wedding; so much choice.

Wedding in Devon

I enjoy travelling to weddings throughout Cornwall, Devon and further afield. The furthest yet was a wedding in North Yorkshire and then there was a fab wedding in Lancashire; great memories for me as I write this.

Spontaneous style of wedding photography....not always - your choice

Spontaneous moments like this are not surprisingly very popular. Each person will remember how they felt when looking back at this picture, something that's really important to me but most of all, the bride and groom. I'm not saying all photographs I take at weddings are like this as sometimes a bit of loose direction can make a huge difference to the style and result of the captured photograph.

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